*A planned Teddy Pendergrass biopic remains shelved for the time being – a direct byproduct of the ongoing court battle between the late R&B icon’s son and widow for control over his estate.

Teddy Pendergrass II and the singer’s second wife, Joan, have been battling since the two parties produced conflicting wills after the singer died of colon cancer in January 2010.

Film producer Charlie MACk began working on the project with Pendergrass before his passing, but the picture, which is in pre-production and will star singer/actor Tyrese in the lead role, has now been put on hold until the late icon’s warring family members resolve their conflict.

MACk tells Sister 2 Sister magazine, “It’s kind of a rough time. I’m trying to stay as neutral as possible. We had a great relationship with Teddy and Joan, but there’s conflict between Teddy Jr. and Teddy’s widow, Joan.”

However, the producer is confident Tyrese will stick with the delayed biopic until filmmakers get the green light to begin shooting, because it could be the role to define his Hollywood career.

“It’s the role of Tyrese’s life. It’s what ‘Ray’ did for Jamie (Foxx) and ‘Ali’ did for Will (Smith),” said MACk. “Teddy wrapped his arms around (Tyrese). (Pendergrass’) mom and many others said, ‘Tyrese needs to play him (Pendergrass).'”