Bradley Cooper and Amy Cornish in 'Limitless'

*In the mind blowing, mind bending film “Limitless,” the question on my mind was if the cast members had access to the “smart drug” made available to a few in the movie, would they take it? Bradley Cooper, best known for “Hangover,” where grown men behave badly, was at the Soho Trump Hotel in New York recently, along with cast members, to answer that question and more. Asked if he would take the smart drug NZT that allows utilization of 100% of the brain, Cooper says:

“I think that for sure I would definitely try to learn as many languages as I could right away, I think.

“Then I would probably, after that and much like he [Eddie Morra] did, learn as many instruments as I could. After that I don’t know, but I’d probably try to get money so that I could go around and utilize that. It would be incredible to be able to just start jamming with all these great musicians and communicating with people wherever you are and in all the different dialects. It would be incredible. I don’t know what I’d do after that, but I would still be an actor. A director. I would probably start finally getting off of my ass and facing the fear because all I really want to do is direct movies anyway. I just haven’t done it.”

Speaking of Morra, how did you see him as a character and why did you want to bring him to life?

“I just thought to play a guy that goes from A to Z like that would just be incredible,” he explained. “So I met with the director and just tried to basically pitch him on why I had to play it. I loved Morra. I liked the idea that when we met him, it’s not that he feels sorry for himself at all. He’s just actually resigned to the fact that his life is such that his potential wasn’t fulfilled and that’s where we meet him that day. There’s something about that, that it was cool that he had a book contract when he was twenty five and he talks about how great it’s going to be, but when he’s thirty five and it still hasn’t been written it’s just not cool anymore. Then to see a guy who goes from this sort of complacency to then having power…”

Whether co-star Abbie Cornish would take the pill or not, she says:

“I think that if you could have the ability to take a drug like that without any side effects, without any consequences, without having to face addiction and all of that sort of stuff, if you could just go on an adventure with it and feel what that is like, if you could open your mind and utilize a hundred percent of your brain for a moment and feel that, or maybe I feel like so many of us have these lists, these infinite lists of things to do, [why not]. I want to learn a language. I want to learn how to play the piano. I want to evolve as a painter. I want to run faster, whatever it is. I feel like we always have these aims and aspirations. So the idea of taking a drug where within in a half hour you could read a novel or within two hours learn a language or lean how to play the piano overnight and read classical music, it’s kind of fascinating. Imagine that. I don’t know why I would ever say no to the concept of that.”

Taking on the role of Lindy, it was a no-brainer for Cornish.

“I thought that it was a really interesting film. And I was a fan of Bradley Cooper. We’d never met and through the process of making the film we became really good friends. I just thought that Neil [Burger] as a director would be sort of present and caring and collaborative as a director. The genre of the film was something that I hadn’t explored before. And also the idea of this drug, what it could do and the possibility that it nearly exists in our everyday lives, I felt that even though it’s far fetched at the same time, it felt possible and real. So that interested me.”

The cast of the sci-fi film, “Paul” landed last week in New York also. Paul is the extraterrestrial experimented on in Area 51 who escapes so that he can return to his home planet. Jason Bateman plays Agent Zoil and Kristin Wiig is the devout Christian in “Paul.” The Film Strip asked them what would they say if they met an alien face to face?

“I would say ‘Why is your head so big?’ Assuming that it looks like Paul,” Wiig wisecracks, “because that’s not very proportional for us.  I’d say ‘Why now? ‘Where were you a few years ago?” Bateman,” adds. Wiig follows that up with, “When we really needed them.” As if revisiting a scene from another alien comedy, Bateman continued with, ‘When we really needed you to blow up the White House.’ That’s an ‘Independence Day’ joke; it’s not political at all,” he laughs hysterically.

Much more on “Limitless,” “Paul” and interviews with the cast of the wonderful film “Win Win” next week.