Matt Damon and Anthony Mackie star in 'The Adjustment Bureau'

*Describing his working relationship with co-star Matt Damon, Anthony Mackie said he’s a great guy and the only person he knows that can talk more trash than him.

And true to form, when Damon walked into the room at hotel where interviews were being held, he took on the appearance of a befuddled guest exclaiming, “I, I thought this was my room.”

After a big laugh, The Film Strip asked the star of “The Adjustment Bureau” if he could alter events, how would he change things? “It’s hard to answer that question without sounding like Miss America, ‘First of all, [there would be] world peace. Secondly-,’ so you see what I’m saying?”

Damon, to those who didn’t know him would appear to be cynical but he was actually being modest. Starring in “Invictus” with Morgan Freeman, he is an African Children’s Choir supporter and on the H2O Africa Foundation page, there’s a message from Matt Damon:

“Last Spring, my friends at the ONE Campaign and DATA brought me to Zambia and South Africa, where I witnessed extreme poverty and the role that clean drinking water plays in getting millions out of danger. I learned that a child dies every 15 seconds due to diseases from dirty water. Upon my return, I wanted to do something.”

Asked to comment on the present state of affairs, Damon seemed exasperated yet optimistic about the situation.

“Hopefully is going to be [effective]…that problem is so massive. Every fifteen seconds a child is dying because they don’t have access to clean water and sanitation. Obviously, for us, we’re hoping that we’re going to drastically reduce that number over time. But it’s not just digging wells. We have a whole problem with water credit and it’s kind of using the idea as a micro-finance and applying it to water. Then we have a bunch of other stuff that we’re cooking up and hopefully that’ll adjust a lot of people’s lives.”

Getting back to “The Adjustment Bureau,” he was asked to comment on the appeal of the story. “I think to me it’s a love story. Tonally it’s very unique to make a movie you are kind of cross pollinating different genres, you know?  But the whole thing is anchored in the relationship with me and Emily [Blunt] and Anthony [Mackie] too and so that was what my kind of favorite part of the movie is, those scenes with us.

“The Adjustment Bureau” deals with fate and free will an JB Smoove, who appears in “Hall Pass,” has his own thoughts about choices. When I asked him about getting the role, he planted the seed, referencing the adage:

“God helps those who help themselves.” He explained, “Stand up was my thing to get into acting, writing, producing, all these different things. Most standup comedians use this vehicle to get there. It’s an easier way to get seen by people, easiest way to present yourself.”

In addition to “timing,” another secret Smoove says is not to make enemies and burn bridges. When told to shed some light on why there are rarely any Blacks nominated for movie awards, he pointed out that …

“Some movies they [Whites] don’t get, but we get everything. That’s a weird place that we are in I guess. We get everything and we can watch any movie in blockbuster. They can’t do that because they don’t understand or are not willing to understand everything that we do. So I guess it’s a process we have to go through

“Also, we don’t get funded for certain things. If we go to a studio and pitch a movie if they don’t get it, they’re not going to fund that movie…You gotta prove to them that you can make money for them in order for them to give you money do the movie. At the same time you watch movies, TV or wherever and you say, ‘Wait a minute, who bought this movie or idea?'”

My thoughts exactly. It’s amazing the projects that get greenlit and should have never made it off the page.