*TV One, serving over 52 million households, premiers the second season of its top rated reality series, ‘LisaRaye: The Real McCoy,” on Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 9 p.m. ET. Season two, which starts with two back-to-back episodes, will include appearances by Sheryl Lee Ralph, Tatyana Ali, Bobby Brown, Elise Neal, Nelly, Twista, Bishop T.D. Jakes, DeRay Davis, Chef G. Garvin and Jacque Reid. Side-by-side with LisaRaye will be her beautiful daughter KaiMorae, a budding young model.

“I was going through a divorce first season,” LisaRaye said about her reality show last year. “This year is difference. I am working this year on B2B – my motto ‘back to business.’”

This NAACP Image Award nominee is a native Chicagoan who started in the entertainment business as a model. She went on to appear in music videos such as “Incomplete” with Sisqo and “Toss It Up” with Tupac. McCoy went on to star in New Line Cinema’s The Players Club starring Bernie Mac, Jamie Foxx and Ice Cube – who wrote and directed the film. As an actress she also starred in Beauty Shop and “Love Chronicles.” LisaRaye went on to television becoming a household name as ex-wife Neesee James in the Will and Jada Smith creation “All of Us,” starring Duane Martin.

“LisaRaye: The Real McCoy” will have a second season that has the “lady in white” examining her spirituality; getting her career back in motion; launching a jeans line; managing her daughter’ career and searching for that “special” one.

When asked what she learned about her spirituality in the second season LisaRaye stated, “Just to get out my own way. We think we’re listening to God, we just listening to us. Now I know how to relinquish control. I’ve always been in control. I had to be a fighter…I forgot how to take a back seat. I want Him in control, His will. I am learning to listen and be still.”

Well, thank goodness her career is not still, because the former first lady will be starring in the Queen Latifah created comedy/drama “Single Ladies” as Keisha – with Stacey Dash and Kassandra Clementi. Not only that, LisaRaye has launched a line of jeans for the hour-glass (bottom heavy) shaped woman, as well as branding her B2B movement that not only uplifts her business, but everyone else’s business that gets involved.

“I grew into my adulthood on the show,” KaiMorae said about her experience on the first season of “LisaRaye: The Real McCoy.” “I’m learning about my body…but I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the second season.”

You will get to see all this and more during the nine episode season starting Thursday, April 7th at 9 p.m. ET with two back-to-back episodes. For more on “LisaRaye: The Real McCoy,”  LisaRaye or her daughter log onto www.TVOneOnline.com or www.LisaRaye.TVOneOnline.com.

Jamie Foxx hosts private fundraiser for actress Karyn Parson’s Sweet Blackberry Foundation

Karyn Parson - photo credit Eunice Moseley

*Sponsored by the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation, Pitbull Energy Drunk and the Broadway Federal Bank, a private fundraiser was hosted at the residence of Jamie Foxx for actress Karyn Parson (“Fresh Prince of Bel Air”). The fundraiser was to fund her non-profit organization Sweet Blackberry.

“I started it for a story about Henry “Box” Brown,” Karyn Parson said about her non-profit. “It’s a fascinating story…when I started the company I just wanted to get the story out. I had programs I wanted to develop…and I started to see it was more of a 501 C3 model. It started to reveal to me what it wanted to be.”

Anyone that learns about the goal of the organization will want to support it, not only to support Karyn, but to support her passion to spread true uplifting stories about African-Americans to children. In fact, I couldn’t help myself after learning about the organization, but buy the stories myself before leaving.

Aside from the amazing story “The Journey of Henry Box Brown,” who mailed himself to freedom, the Sweet Blackberry Foundation also released the story “Garrett’s Gift” -about the man who invented the traffic light.

The stories come on CD narrated by living legends Alfre Woodard (“The Journey of Henry Box Brown”) and Queen Latifah (“Garrett’s Gift”).

“It’s a lot of work,” Parson admitted about the process of obtaining funding. “But it’s a lot easier when you care about it. Nobody is trying to get rich here…It’s very much needed. People are recognizing the value of the stories we are doing.”

One person who sees the value in Sweet Blackberry is actress Tatyana Ali (“Love That Girl”), who was there in support of the fundraiser.

“We were cast members…she’s my very dearest friend. I’m on the board of the foundation. She has this incredible foundation bringing little known African-American stories to children all across the country. They’re American stories…we’re raising money to produce the stories,” Tatyana said.

The Sweet Blackberry Foundation reports that “there are 16 million U.S. households with children under five years old and many – particularly those growing up in situations of poverty, racial and ethnic minorities, or youth at-risk of gang involvement – have no experience or little exposure to systemic, proactive and targeted positive media that is rooted in education and culture.”

To learn more about Karyn Parson’s Sweet Blackberry Foundation log onto www.SweetBlackberry.org.