*Heavily hyped, up and coming hip hop group Odd Future started some mess, sort of, this weekend after a disastrous stage performance over the weekend at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas.

It all started out with some sound issues. They didn’t even get through their first song without having to stop and get the sound corrected.

Tyler the Creator (rapper) stopped the show and demanded the issues be fixed.

“Mic number two is f**cked up. Fix this s**t.”

The group started again but before long more issue arose.

So frustrated and angry, the group threw down their mics and stormed off stage to get on Twitter to vent.

A member of the group, Tyler the Creator wrote, “”That Show Was Stupid. Thanks to the Fans and N**gas that Was There In The Front… F**K THAT CLUB.”

The crazy thing is, it was the end of a string of incidents that occurred the previous night at another performance. The show was stopped after Tyler was hit on stage by bottle.