*The Tupac biopic being directed by Antoine Fuqua is experiencing a slow start since Morgan Creek and Universal Pictures, the production entities behind it, are having a hard time casting the movie. Specifically, the part of Tupac Shakur, himself.

To move things along, the companies are holding online auditions for the best person to play the role of the legendary rapper.

Although there may be a line-up of plenty of Hollywood actors to play the part, the higher ups decided that a lesser-known artist would be the best for the role.

“We are looking for individuals who embody Tupac for this starring role,” a statement from the casting director read.

So if you think you’ve got the skills, register at InSearchOfTupac.com. Submissions should include applicants reading a scene from the movie and performing a one-minute clip from his favorite Tupac song. Videos should be no longer than five minutes and will be accepted through April 30.