*Contrary to claims by Gov. Rick Perry (pictured), the Lone Star State isn’t stealing California’s jobs, workers or prosperity, according to a UCLA study.

The study tries to put the kibosh on a rivalry between the states. Perry, for instance, has boasted about “hunting trips” to California to recruit companies from the state.

Texas is one of many Western states trying to capitalize on the perception that California is a difficult place for business.

California appears to be in worse shape than Texas. Its unemployment rate, at 12.4 percent, is much higher than Texas’ 8.3 percent. California’s population grew 10 percent in the past decade, the slowest rate in the state’s history, as Texas’ grew nearly 20 percent, according to recent census data.

“Texas, the state with the most rapid population growth over the last decade, is held up as the model for job diversion from the Golden State,” said Jerry Nickelsburg, a senior economist for the UCLA Anderson Forecast.

Businesses contend that California has high taxes, stringent environmental regulations and difficult permitting systems, an environment that drives startups to Texas.

But some of those accusations aren’t accurate, Nickelsburg said.

California, for instance, takes about … (Read the FULL report at the LA Times.)