Brian True-May

*The talk of Britain today is the suspension of a TV producer for admitting that blacks and other minorities would never be cast on his show, because it just “wouldn’t work.”

Brian True-May, the ITV drama’s executive producer, found himself suspended after he said he did not use black or Asian people in the series because “it wouldn’t be an English village with them.”

He described “Midsomer Murders” as the “last bastion of Englishness” which relied on an “English genteel eccentricity,” claiming it “wouldn’t work” if it suggested there was racial diversity in village life.

Scene from ITV's "Midsomer Murders," criticized for its absence of any minority characters

Other long running serials, including BBC Radio 4′s “The Archers,” have been criticized over using “token” minorities when they have included ethnic characters.

True-May told the Radio Times if he had more minority cast members “we might be in Slough …And if you went in to Slough you wouldn’t see a white face there. We’re the last bastion of Englishness and I want to keep it that way.”

Last night, amid mounting complaints, the production company behind the show – All3Media – suspended the TV executive. ITV said it was “shocked and appalled” at his remarks.

One of Slough’s leading Muslims, businessman Nazar Lodhi, said the remarks amount to racial incitement and that he would contact the police.

Lodhi told Windor Express: “What he says is an insult to Slough. He is also wrong.  We have thousands of white migrants from Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe.”