*Although its behind him, Michael Vick’s dog fighting past could back to bite him. But in the meantime, as he awaits any new developments with the situation, The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, along with retired NFL coach Tony Dung,  spent some time sharing his life lessons with inmates at a Tampa-area prison on Saturday.

With a group of 35 volunteers with Abe Brown Ministries, the NFL star spoke to 1,000 inmates and soon-to-be released prisoners at Avon Park Correctional Institution.

”It was very humbling and at the same time, a bit overwhelming. You really didn’t know what to expect,” Vick said. ”Hopefully I can be an example to somebody. The thing that I was trying to get across is that we all can be instruments of change. That’s something that I’ve been proactive about since I stepped out of prison and I’m enjoying every minute of it.”

Coach Dungy’s supported the non-profit for years now and encouraged Vick to be a part of it.

”I told Michael when we met in Leavenworth is that he’d be able to do some things, say some things and reach some people that no one else can,” Dungy said. ”Other people can go in and say ‘Here is what you should do.’ “It may be coming from somebody who they really respect, but not somebody who really knows what they’ve been through. ‘When they see Mike, they say ‘Here’s somebody that lived in my shoes for two years.’”

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