*Bernard Hopkins is getting ready to take on Jean Pascal this summer in Canada and after it’s all over, he wants to tell his story on the big screen.

“After I win, I’m ready to tell my whole story,” said Hopkins, who has amassed a boxing record of 51-5-2 over the past 20 years. “I studied at the university of life.”

He grew up in the projects of Philadelphia and lived a life of crime, sentenced to nine years in prison. He only served four and as an escape, went to boxing as an outlet.

Growing up in the fight game, he has become one of the greatest boxers in history, knocking on the door of being the oldest world champion in boxing history.

“Sometimes you have to almost die to know what living is about. I know my life can be an inspiration to others,” he said. “I learned my lessons early. Statistics show that I shouldn’t be alive today. I overcame so much.”

So he’s going to make a movie about himself and he already knows who he wants to play the star: 50 Cent.

“I want 50 Cent,” Hopkins said. “He has the swagger. He doesn’t look approachable but he really is. He understands my life. It was his life also.”