*For the past few weeks, folks have been in the dark about what’s really going on with Aretha Franklin.

From strange rumors to ambiguous reports, the singer’s health has been in question for some times now. So on the “Wendy Williams Show,” the diva will share the truth in an interview that was taped on Friday in Detroit at the Townsend Hotel.

“The pain was so hard it nearly brought me to my knees. The concerts are over, I need to go and find out what is wrong,” the legendary singer tells Williams in an exclusive TV interview scheduled to air tomorrow, Wednesday, March 2.

Queen Re-Re also chats with Wendy about her career, her dramatic weight loss, the recent Grammy tribute, her career, love life and much more.

Without giving away too many other details, check out the sneak peak of the show below (You may need to adjust the sound as the source volume was low):