*Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said the widespread reaction to comments he made about tears being shed in his team’s locker room after Sunday’s loss to the Chicago Bulls is well … a crying shame.

The embattled coach also claimed his remarks were taken out of context and blamed the media for overanalyzing his comments in what is now being referred to as “Crygate.” Neither Spoelstra (pictured) nor any of the Heat’s players revealed Sunday or after Monday’s practice who actually shed tears in the locker room following the 87-86 loss to the Bulls.

Spoelstra even went as far as to backtrack a bit from his original comments and said Monday that he wasn’t certain that he saw actual tears when the team gathered immediately after the game.

“This is a classic example of sensationalism, looking for a headline,” Spoelstra said after the team’s two-hour film session and workout on Monday at American Airlines Arena. “I really think you guys are probably reaching for this. Guys were very emotional about it in the locker room. Heads were down. I saw glossy eyes, but that’s about it. I think everything else is probably an exaggeration.”

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