*Lil Wayne falls under the category of chauvinistic rappers who call women the  “B” word and degrade the source of life. So a little 10-year-old girl named Nea, called the rapper out in her own song, “A Letter to Lil Wayne,” chiding him for his irresponsibility to black women.

In the video (see it below), the girl along with two other lovely little ladies who are 9 and 5-years-old, talk about how he’s just a disgusting and disrespectful individual for the lyrics he constantly spews over the mic and radio waves.

And over the mic, young Nea spits some hot lyrics herself over Wayne’s “Single” beat.

She raps: “”This message is to Mr. Wayne/ I’m sorry plus I must complain/ ‘Bout what you do and what you say/ I’m sorry that I feel this way … ”

She continues saying, “My daddy tell me I’m a queen/ But you call women other things/ It makes me mad, I can’t pretend/ Sir, don’t call me out my name again.”

Check out the video: