*Dominique Wilkins, the former Atlanta Hawks superstar, was attacked by a fan following the team’s 85-82 home win over the Magic Wednesday night at Philips Arena – and the whole thing was caught on tape.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported late Wednesday night that Wilkins – who now serves as a vice president for the Hawks, as well as a TV analyst – was conducting a live broadcast when he was attacked by 36-year-old Rashan S. Michel — reportedly over money.

Atlanta police say Michel began “cursing at him” over a $13,000 debt Wilkins allegedly owed him for dress suits. Michel followed Wilkins across the basketball court and allegedly started swinging, hitting a security guard in the face and Wilkins in the chest.

Rashan Michel's booking photo

Michel was arrested for simple battery after the brawl, but not before Wilkins landed three solid blows on Michel. The team said that Wilkins was not injured in the altercation.

Despite video evidence to the contrary, Michel says he never touched Wilkins and is planning on suing.

The video below — which was shot after the Atlanta Hawks game — starts midway through the brawl between Wilkins and Michel. You can clearly see Wilkins land a straight right punch to Michel’s face before he’s pulled away from the fray.

‘Nique then rips off his tie, then his jacket, and gets ready for round two. [Story continues below the video.]

TMZ spoke with Michel — a former NBA referee — and he claims he was calmly trying to work out a deal over the money he says ‘Nique owes him for the custom suits.

Michel claims Wilkins responded by yelling, “F**k You!,” then security wrestled him to the ground. And that’s when the Hall of Famer slugged him. Michel is adamant that he did NOT hit Wilkins first.

Michel tells us he plans on suing Wilkins and the Hawks organization, as well as subpoenaing the surveillance footage, which he claims proves his side of the story.