*Waka Flocka Flame and PETA came together last month to launch a new campaign called “Ink, Not Mink.” And the photos from the whole bit have finally found their way to the Internet, getting folks to scratch their heads a little.

The rapper is posing nude as he displays his tattooed clad skin.

“Understand where that fox fur came from before you spend $1,000 … someone got their head beat in and electrocuted,” Waka explains in an interview with PETA. “Understand what you buy, instead of just going off fashion and what it looks like-that’s what I’d tell my community.”

Waka is the first rapper, but probably won’t be the last one, to appear in the campaign, as there are several others who support the organization including Chuck D., Common and Kid Sister.

Check out a behind-the-scenes video of Waka talking about why he thinks fur is “nasty.”