*Her master plan is working.

Wendy Williams says the intense training required for “Dancing with the Stars” is already producing results as far as her physical fitness is concerned  – a byproduct she had hoped would happen after watching contestants from previous seasons dance away extra pounds.

“I don’t get on the scale, but I do sense a difference in my body in its most raw form, which is when I get out of the shower,” Williams told Entertainment Tonight.

The TV host, who is paired with professional Tony Dovolani, added: “[There are] also certain jeans that fit better, and my husband says I look good, so I feel good.”

When questioned on working with Williams, Dovolani said she usually tries to keep the mood light during their practice sessions.

“You know it’s funny because she makes me laugh a lot, but when it comes to work time, she’s very serious about this,” he added. “She wants to give it her all. So we work really hard, when it’s time to joke we joke, when it’s time to work we work.”

Earlier this week, Williams claimed that she is representing millions of uncoordinated people who love to dance.

“Dancing with the Stars” premieres Monday, March 21, at 8pm ET/ 7pm CT on ABC.