*Hello EURians, Lee Bailey here. I’d like to extend an apology to you for any inconvenience you may have suffered because your favorite site and number one source of infotainment seemed to just up and disappear on you almost six hours ago.

Trust me, I haven’t been a happy camper for those past six hours either not knowing when we’d be back up.

You’re no doubt wondering what happened. Well, it seems that our hosting company, Codero.com came under a DDoS attack. OK, DDos stands for distributed denial of service.

I’m not adept enough to even understand it, let alone try and explain it. But the bottom line is that somebody was/is so pissed off at Codero, or one of the sites it hosts, that they disrupted the service to the point where it took them down and us with them.

Hopefully Codero has figured out a way to prevent this from ever happening again. If they don’t we’ll be looking for a new hosting company. But hey, we’re back now and ready to keep you up on the latest news and views in urban/black entertainment and culture.

Thanks for your patience and support.

Unka Lee

PS: If you have any questions or comments, go to the very top of every page on the site and click the “feedback” tab.

PPS: Speaking of feedback, we’re also about to begin a redesign of the site to fix the bugs and flaws of the current design. Your suggestions are welcome.

Thanks again.