*Whoopi Goldberg, Mariah Carey and LaToya Jackson are among the scores of celebs paying tribute to Elizabeth Taylor in the wake of her death this morning from congestive heart failure.

Goldberg remembered the Hollywood legend during a segment on “The View,” when she recalled one of the first and most valuable lessons she ever learned from Taylor.

“She was a big part of my life. It was because of her that I learned about collecting things,” said Goldberg.  “This is day one when we met. She said to me, ‘Careers go up and down, so you need to get them (movie executives) to get you a present.’

“She said, ‘I know Sandy (Goldberg’s manager), I’ll help you work this out’, because you must always know, when your career (dwindles), you can look around and see the things that you got that your agent didn’t commission, that just is yours, so you can see your career, like mementos.

“She really mentored me.”

Whoopi admitted she shared Taylor’s unique sense of humor: “It was so bawdy, even I was like, ‘Really? You just said… That just came out of your mouth?’

“She was just a magnificent woman. She was a great broad and a good friend and she said things in good times and in bad. She was just great.”

Click here to watch Whoopi’s tribute to Liz Taylor.

LaToya Jackson, sister of Taylor’s close friend Michael Jackson, remembered the screen icon as “an amazing woman.”

“She was an incredible friend to my brother at his side through some of his most difficult times and of course loved by his children and our family,” said Jackson. “She will live on in our hearts forever, my prayers go out to her family.”

LaToya’s brother Tito Jackson called Taylor “an impactful person in this industry and on society as a whole.”

“I specifically admire her charitable efforts including bringing early awareness to HIV/AIDS,” Tito said in a statement. “Most memorable is her steadfast loyalty and unwavering friendship to my late brother Michael Jackson. Liz provided a sense of relief and comfort to my brother at various difficult times in his life, and I appreciate that, may she rest in peace.”

Mariah Carey, 41, tweeted: “R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor an incomparable legend who will live forever.”

Kim Kardashian, 30, who recently did an interview with Taylor in Harper’s Bazaar magazine, posted on Twitter: “I am so saddened about the passing of Elizabeth Taylor! She will always be my idol!”

Taylor mentioned the Harper’s Bazaar interview in her last tweet, posted on Feb. 9 just before shewas admitted to the hospital.

“My interview in Bazaar with Kim Kardashian came out!!!” Taylor tweeted, linking to the article.

Elton John, a longtime friend of Taylor’s, said in a statement, “We have just lost a Hollywood giant. More importantly, we have lost an incredible human being.”

“I got very close to her,” Larry King told NBC’s Matt Lauer on The Today Show. “She was a broad. She was gutsy. She had it all. You knew where you stood (with her).”