*Rolling Stone has decided to pay a little tribute to mainstream Hip Hop by blessing the cover of the magazine with Wiz Khalifa.

The young, 23-year-old from Pittsburgh is walking with giants, so to speak, as he is featured among 40 artists to watch dating back to 2007. He is the rookie of the year.

His success started in late 2010 when he came out with fan favorite, “Black and Yellow” and now he’s blowing up on the cover of one of the most read pop magazines in the States.

What’s most notable about the artists isn’t his music, but it’s his hustle. His release “Kush & O.J.” (a mixtape) set him on fire after using social networking to promote his work. He told reporters that he’s a hustler and has been pushing his mixtapes for a long time.

His first album with Warner Brothers, however, was never released due to “creative differences.” He then signed with Atlantic Records and now his hard work is paying off.

“Rolling Papers” his debut album with a major record company releases March 29.