Jillian Michaels and host of the 'Get Radical Conference' Doreen Rainey

*Washington, D.C. received a wonderful treat as host of an empowering weekend for women.  The third annual “Get Radical Conference” took place March 25 – 27, at the Renaissance Hotel, where nearly 500 women showed up from all over the country to hear a message of power from dynamic speakers.

The conference envisioned three years ago by Life Coach Doreen Rainey has taken shape quickly.

“When I decided to become a coach, and started working with my clients one on one and in small groups, I found myself saying, ‘You got to do something radical,’ ” Rainey explained. “And no matter what area of your life you’re in, you have to decide that I’m not only going to change but I’m going to change in a big way.”

That message obviously resonated with everyone in attendance as the energy throughout the conference between the women seemed electrifying.

“Radical is relative. So it doesn’t mean the same thing for every person, but that feeling you get when you feel,” she exhales, “‘This might be it!’ It’s the same.  So after having coached my clients around how to get radical I wanted to take it to a bigger platform and I wanted to reach more people and I thought what better way to do that than to begin the conference and invite women from all across the country to hear incredible speakers share their tips and strategies of how to be your best and how to live your best life.”

The conference offered a bevy of powerful women that have lived through some of the most horrific things imaginable and have re-shaped their life to their best life and best self.  Life Strategist Rhonda Britten who many may remember as the coach that orchestrated the apology between Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson on Celebrity Fit Club season 7, has seen hardship in the worst way.

Britten became an orphan at 14 when she witnessed her father kill her mother and then himself when she was only 14 years old.  “It took me 20 years to get through that. Some may say that’s a long time,” she said.  But, I assured her that certainly was not us.  Her personal tragedy catapulted her into the life she lives today, re-shaping and strategizing the life of millions through her four bestsellers including the selection she used for the conference “Fearless Living.”

The list of speakers goes on with the most motivating women around today.  Niecy Nash, formerly of the Style network’s Clean House, came and blew the roof off the place with her testimony and advice. Not only was she excited to be there, but her energy was infectious.  She had the crowd laughing and saying their “Amens” the entire time she spoke.  Her candid delivery about her journey as a single mother of three, having to return to her mother’s house with her children after her 16 year marriage ended in divorce, and back into the life she envisioned for herself was more of a ministry than a speech. Participants couldn’t wait to leap to their feet at the end of her talk.

Niecy Nash

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