*Former Fugees member, Wyclef Jean, addressed rumors of a gunshot wound yesterday. Previously it was reported that the Haitian born/American raised singer was shot in the hand while in Haiti  to support presidential candidate Michel Martelly.

However, the doctor who treated Jean explained the injury wasn’t caused by a bullet. It was glass.

“I think really, I got grazed, I think,” ‘Clef has now responded unconvincingly, about being shot. “We hear what’s called in Creole ‘catoosh,’ the sound of the booms. Jumped in the car with [Haitian rap artist] FanFan, ran, picked my crew up, and went to the nearest hospital.”

The musician/political activist is said to be fine, but it was not clear whether or not the injury or if the attack (if it was an attack) was politically motivated.