*A video of a Dallas boy’s prayer for children has gone viral and is been seen across the world.

The young boy, Isaiah Jackson, with a powerful voice and strong sense of consciousness was asked to pray during a recent christening at a church in Dallas. He was five at the time. Now he is inspiring people all over the world.

“In South Africa, Venezuela, Dallas, just from everywhere,” Isaiah’s mom, Tammy Square, mentioned a few places where people sent communication. “We had no idea that that many people would receive the prayer themselves, personally themselves.”

She is amazed at how many lives her little man has touched.

“I hear so many testimonies on how that prayer blessed their lives,” she said. “There was a lady who told me a testimony about her boyfriend who had never been to church and how Isaiah’s prayer inspired him to get his life right with the Lord. He said if a little boy could do it, he could to.”

For such a young man, he is mature in his faith and definitive about who speaks to him.

“My mom tells me how to pray, but God tells me what to pray,” he said. At the heart of it all is a little boy who loves God and his mommy. “He did well. He did excellent. I was so proud of him. I was really proud of him,” Square said beaming.

Watch Isaiah pray: