*Beyonce has reportedly hired 200 African dancers to appear in the video for her upcoming single “Girl,” and has flown the group to Los Angeles.

According to MTV, the singer is working with director Francis Lawrence and is said to be learning authentic dance moves from the troop, which will then be incorporated into the choreography for the video.

A source at casting tells Mediatakeout.com: “The theme of ‘Girl’ is like a female empowerment/girl power type of song that is a definite club banger with Top 40/Worldly appeal.

“There’s a breakdown in the song that is described as absolutely f***ing disgustingly sick! Definitely an anthem in the style of her singing.

“‘Girl… girl… girl’ is repeated a lot throughout the song.”

The song also reportedly samples Major Lazer track ‘Pon De Floor,” and it has previously been confirmed producers Diplo and Switch, who are behind the group, have worked with Beyonce on her new album.

Other stars romored to have worked on Beyonce’s new album include Ne-Yo, Jim Jonsin, The Dream and noise pop group Sleigh Bells.