*Flava Flav might be in some money trouble these days, despite his newest entrepreneurial efforts.

His new chicken shack’s employees are telling reporters the Public Enemy rapper couldn’t afford to pay them.

Flav launched his own fried chicken franchise in Clinton, Iowa with hopes of putting KFC out of business. But according to local news reports, the chicken spot ain’t even coming close.

“My check was only $150 and they couldn’t even cash it,” said employee Kelly Butler, explaining how she drove around town frantically trying to find a bank that would cash it.

She eventually went to the bank where the company’s account is held and they gave her a notarized letter verifying that no funds were available.

“If he [Flav] can’t pay his employees why should we give our time for him to make money,” she added.

But the Public Enemy hype man and his business partner denied the company was having cash-flow issues.

“It’s not true information first of all and second of all maybe these are people that’s just jealous of me being here and probably want to see me out,” he said, adding, “We do have money in our accounts.”

“We had a little glitch in the credit cards,” said Peter Cimino, a Las Vegas restaurateur and Flav’s business partner, admitting, “We had a couple (checks) that did bounce, that happens to any new business.”

The company revealed that they fired 15 employees and attributed the bad press to disgruntled employees.