*In lieu of interesting partnerships and strange collaborations, Disney is in talks with Ice Cube to back his new film.

The L.A. native is producing “Chrome and Paint,” a hood-style drama he also co-wrote. It takes an inside look at the custom car scene in South Central LA. It’s all about love, lust, loyalty and materialism and which principal takes precedence in life.

So how did Disney come into the mix? Well, the rapper has been shopping around for a backer for the film and it looks like the company may be the one.

Now, if Disney takes on the film, the movie will be shot as a PG-13 flick, although it was written to be rated-R. They plan to begin shooting by the end of summer.

In the meantime, Cube is also involved in other projects including “21 Jump Street,” his tour to promote his latest album, “I Am the West,” and his Cube Vision production company is producing a film about N.W.A.

Cube is also making news for being spoofed on “Saturday Night Live.” They included him in a fairly funny sketch called “Best of Both Worlds.” In it he became the brunt of a few jokes because of his movie choices. Rather than explain it any further, watch it below: