*Forgotten in the furor over Orange County GOP Central Committee Member Marilyn Davenport’s vile, vicious, and blatantly racist depiction of President Obama and his family as chimps is the reason that she did it.

The caption underneath the photo read “Now you know why no birth certificate.” The timing for the “satire,” as Davenport lamely explained in her bogus defense, was no accident.

It came within days after real estate mogul, and would be GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, continued to harp on President Obama’s alleged illegal alien status.

Before Trump dumped the issue back on the public’s plate, it had largely receded back into the netherworld of fringe, kooky issues. But Trump single-handedly changed that. He had the name identification, media allure, and money to make an impact.

Trump also had more savvy than GOP party regulars and much of the media gave him credit for it. He quickly realized that he had to have some issue, a hook, that would get the media and GOP party tongues clucking, and type him as a force to be reckoned within the GOP.

Talk of the debt, tax reform, deficit reduction, jobs and the economy would not do it. The mainstream GOP party leaders, and the would-be candidates, all with much more political experience and credibility than Trump, had already firmly staked out their turf on these issues. The only surefire issue that could get the requisite media attention and the public’s ear was birtherism. It worked.

Trump pounded on the issue initially and the media took the bait. Trump then slyly backed off for a moment and talked about the familiar substantive issues of trade, China, and the economy. But birtherism was never far from his agenda. He quickly came back to it at a recent Tea Party pep rally in Boca Raton, Florida and in an interview the day after the filing deadline for federal taxes, he thundered that he’d publicly disclose his tax information if Obama would produce his “real” birth certificate. It worked again. The media reported it as a real story and ran with it. That touched off shudders among mainstream GOP leaders who publicly scrambled to denounce Trump’s talk of birtherism and fast distance themselves from him.

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