*Aiva a swimsuit  print model ranging 5’10 in height, adorning high cheek bones, with chiseled facial features vents, “It’s extremely disturbing when I have done everything in my power to stay fit, watch what I eat, and undergo intense beauty regiments.

Only to have my husband cheat down on me with a woman who looks like a hobbit. At times I would catch a glimpse of my husband gazing at short, stocky, manly looking, females.

I thought he found them to be unusually fascinating. Now I find out that my husband is physically attracted to this type of woman. In which I am now left to wonder, if this is the kind of woman my husband desired all along, then why did he marry me?”

“As harsh and shallow as Aiva may appear she is not alone. Many beautiful women similar to Aiva are adamant in finding out why their husbands cheated down. Cheating down is a subject without boundaries. No woman is safe not even Hollywood wives.” States author, and relationship guru Emunah La-Paz.

Emunah La Paz

La-Paz’s research attracted responses from all perspectives.  In which unfaithful men disclose why they willingly desired to cheat down on their beautiful wives.

The book also covers the viewpoint through the eyes of the so called “unattractive” women who share why they believe beautiful women like Aiva are incapable of meeting the needs of their husband.
‘Why Do Married Men Cheat With Unattractive Women?’ shares feedback from all angles. This captivating book also reveals the #1 deal breaker which will prevent most married men from cheating.

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Emunah La-Paz Is Also The Author Of ‘Say What? The Black Butterfly Series’

Online: http://marriedmencheatwithunattractivewomen.blogspot.com


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