*Y’all ain’t bringing that up in here!

Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed’s chief of staff, Candace Byrd, rejected an application for an event to take place this weekend. Called “iFreaknik” the application was denied based on a “finding of misrepresentation and incorrect information.”

The application was submitted for the 249 person event to take place at South Bend Park. (That number was to avoid hiring police to monitor the crowd.)

The event was pumped up so much via television interviews, the event coordinator, DaVinci Barcelo, was actually expecting thousands of people to come through from all over.

“Which caused me to conclude that the attendance estimate you gave to the city in your application for a Large Gathering Permit for an April 16, 2011 event at South Bend Park was grossly inaccurate,” Byrd wrote. She contends she gave Barcelo several chances to clarify the information on his application, which he tried to do. “The information contained in your April 4, correspondence is insufficient evidence to rebut my finding of misrepresentation and incorrect information.”

Can we say, “FAIL!”