In this handout photo provided by the City of Miami Beach Police Department, Gloria James is seen outside the Fontainebleau hotel April 7, 2011 in Miami Beach

*LeBron James’ mother has been sued for battery in her altercation with a Miami Beach parking valet, TMZ reports.

In the lawsuit, Rockfeller Sorel claims Gloria James had no cause to smack him during the incident last week outside of the Fountainbleu Hotel.

In video of the altercation, Gloria is seen striking Sorel, but only after he approaches and appears to touch her.

The footage shows Gloria in his face over the parking situation.  Rockfeller takes an advancing step towards Gloria and bumps her.  She quickly recovers and slaps him with her left hand — then swings her purse at his head with her right hand.

Sorel, clearly upset, takes several aggressive steps towards Gloria, who then slips and falls while retreating.  She gets off the ground and tries to go after the valet — but several bystanders get in between the two and break it up.

Gloria was eventually arrested for battery and public intoxication — and then, as previously reported, police said she started talking trash to one of the officers. [See video below.]

Video: LeBron’s mother arrested