Isadore Hall & Norwood Young

*SACRAMENTO – The California State Assembly today unanimously approved Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR) 24 by Assemblymember Isadore Hall, III (D- Los Angeles) declaring April 2011 Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Assemblymember Hall was later joined by the resolution’s sponsor, recording artist and book author Norwood Young and child abuse prevention advocates to discuss community efforts to prevent child abuse in California.

Mr. Young is the author of the book, “Getting Back to My Me”, which chronicles his personal journey as a survivor of childhood physical and sexual abuse.

Mr. Young was recently named national spokesman for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and suggested introduction of ACR 24 to Assemblymember Hall as an important step to raise awareness of efforts made throughout California to prevent child abuse and as a way to break the often deadly cycle between child abuse and domestic violence.

Child abuse and neglect negatively impacts the lives of millions of Americans and their communities. In 2009, nearly six million American children suffered some form of abuse, ranging from neglect, physical, sexual and/or psychological abuse. In California, nearly 75,000 cases of abuse or neglect were reported in 2009.

Various laws have been passed to protect children from abuse and to provide abuse survivors with counseling and support services. Unfortunately, tragic incidents of child abuse highlight the need for continued vigilance and a commitment from the public and community organizations to work collaboratively to prevent child abuse in the future.

“There is no excuse for child abuse,” said Assemblymember Hall. “We have the power within ourselves to break the cycle of abuse and give children a future free from abuse and neglect. We have the ability to make preventing child abuse a priority in our community not just in April, but throughout the year. Together, we can take a stand against child abuse and make a safer community for all our children.”

ACR 24 now moves to the State Senate for further action.




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