*Halle Berry made a stunning confession recently about her past relationships and lessons learned. In an unexpected and quite disturbing revelation, the Oscar award winning actress said she’s just “not the marrying kind.”

“I made all the wrong choices when it came to love. I have been an idiot,” she told the Sun newspaper. “I wish I had known then that I’m not the marrying kind. It would have saved me a lot of time, heartache and grief over the years,” she said.

The twice divorced Berry also concluded that her relationship with her father may have played a role in it all as well.

Her first marriage with baseball player David Justice lasted only four year while her second failed union with singer Eric Benet was short lived as well (four years).

And of course her most recent break-up with Gabriel Aubry appeared to be one of the worst as she and her ex were engaged in a custody battle for their daughter.

To be so beautiful and yet so alone for Berry seems to be the trending truth.

She said two times of heartbreak and vow making is enough. Never again.

“I have done it twice and I am not going to do it again. The traditional form of marriage is not for me.”