*Monday wasn’t exactly a good day for Hot 97  DJ, Mister Cee (Calvin Lebrun). That’s because the news came out that he was busted last Wednesday for public lewdness when police found him receiving oral sex from another man in his car.

Yikes! That could be bad for his career.

Mister Cee, 44, was first exposed as Big Daddy Kane’s DJ and he went on to later executive produce “Ready to Die” Biggy’s first album.

Both the radio icon and his partner, 20-year-old Lawrence Campbell (pictured in mugshots) were arrested and charged, but later released and are due back to court in June.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Mister Cee has received some interesting remarks via Twitter and other public forums, criticizing his sexual preference.

Black fans and Twitter users in particular have expressed some homosexual sentiments and some sympathetic remarks here and there.

He knew he was in for a Twitter-storm, so his first Tweet was:

Time to clear my name NY. Stand Up Brooklyn they shootin (Haters ) this is my city you can’t hurt me lets gooooooooo.”

He also took the liberty of addressing the issue of a long rumored Hip Hop police squad targeting rappers and industry folks in the city.

Time to get this sh*t cleared up so make it quick cause i aint feeling this Twitter sh*t NYPD has a detective squad after all Rappers & DJ’S.”

In response to one fan’s tweeted question about the scandal, Cee responded:

Nah that sh*t not true.. You know how i rock, thats NYPD making it look good for TV … Feel me.”