*“Black and Yellow” artist Wiz Khalifa released his third studio album “Rolling Papers” on Tuesday. Along with the highly anticipated CD, he also opened up about his relationship with Amber Rose on New York’s Hot 97.

“It’s pretty serious. I really, really dig her,” he said. “People think it’s an image thing and that we’re just doing it to be crazy, but like, for real, for real, it’s just two great people meeting at a good time.”

Despite it being less than a year since Rose’s public break-up with Kanye West, both Khalifa and his newfound love have been pretty open about their blossoming romance.

“That’s just life. Individuals grow apart from each other and then they grow with other people, and there’s no tension or anything that’s gonna happen,” Wiz explained in regards to Kanye. “I would never ever, ever be involved in that situation because that has nothing to do with me.”

As quickly as they got together, it sounds like the two are falling in love. Khalifa defends their relationship and says it’s all real.

“She’s a great girl. I really, really am into her.”

Hey, if they’re happy with each other, then we’re for them.