*Rapper Jim Jones has some issues with the media. It started with his flip out on “Love & Hip-Hop” and then again on a journalist who just happened to ask the wrong question.

According to reports, the artist became noticeably agitated with questions about his decision not to work with up and coming rapper Somaya Reece. He quickly shut it down with, “You know how long I been doing interviews? You pushin’ it,” he said. “You want to get a good interview, or you want to end it right now?”


Before the interview did end, Jones warned the journalist to ask “cool questions.”

So some info was divulged about why he decided to go on reality TV with VH1’s new series.

According to him, the network has been trying to get him on for years.

“VH1 been at my house every year shooting a pilot, I really wasn’t feeling the way the pilot was shot, it was too much about me,” Jones revealed.

He added that being on the show was his way of supporting his girlfriend, Chrissy Lampkin.