*Late TLC member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes is being remembered by the former head of her record label nine years after she was killed in a car accident in Honduras at the age of 30.

Music mogul L.A. Reid, who co-owned LaFace Records, paid tribute to the late rapper over the weekend, telling the Hollywood Reporter, “I think about her often. I miss Lisa a lot.”

Reid recalled how Lopes had moved to Atlanta in order to make a name for herself in the music industry, saying, “She was like my little girl, and I loved her. I was closer to her and I was devastated at the loss of her. I still love her today, and she still is in my mind and in my thoughts daily. It’s been quite some time now but it’s one of those things that just never goes away.”

On April 25th 2002, Lopez was driving her brother, sister and two friends around Honduras while vacationing in the country. The singer attempted to pass another vehicle when a car approached from the other lane. Attempting to swerve and miss the oncoming vehicle, Lopes crashed into a tree at high speed and died of neck injuries and severe head trauma.

In addition to her work with TLC, Left Eye recorded one solo studio album entitled “Supernova.” The record was released in the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and China, but not in the United States. The singer was working on her second studio album at the time of her death.