*La Toya Jackson stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” earlier this week and recounted events leading up to her brother’s death.

She said she was actually on her way to visit Michael and got lost. She phoned home for an update or directions and was told he had died.

She says she was so overcome with grief that she lost it and got disoriented that she had to ask a passersby to drive her to the hospital.

“I almost crashed the car. I started crying. My head went to the steering wheel and I started begging people on the street to drive me. My legs got so week.” Though choked-up, she went on to detail, “I said ‘please drive me to the hospital’. I couldn’t believe it. My heart just fell to the ground.”

She also shared about her experience on “Celebrity Apprentice.” She did dodge a few questions about Star Jones, but eventually fessed up saying:

“OK, she’s mean. And I mean, mean.” She added, “I always say if I had lost that much weight. I would be so happy and pleased with myself.”