*There is a lot of blogging about some comments actress LisaRaye made on her “The Real McCoy” reality show that just premiered in its second season.

In describing to a dating service what she wanted in a man she said she’s looking for a man that’s powerful because if he’s powerful that means he’s got money.

Commenting on a man’s anatomy she also said, “…if you’re too big that hurts…he’s thrusting in you, and you backin’ up! Just find my ‘G’ spot; let’s hit it; let’s make love.”

Lisa Raye has to be concerned that some bloggers associate another comment she made – “I think it’s easier for a man to eat sushi because y’all so used to (bleep [oral sex]) – with her having problems (alluding to a ‘fishy’ smell) with her own personal hygiene.

Wow! Now I don’t think anyone would argue that LisaRaye is about as fine as they come – she’s drop-dead gorgeous! So inasmuch as she is supposedly on her so-called road to redemption, the only reason I can figure that she would make such comments is for ratings. She and the network surely had time to re-think how audiences would react to such remarks, and do some editing.

While I applaud LisaRaye for not apologizing for her beauty (“it’s a good thing I’m a pretty girl”), at times she comes across as a beautiful house but ain’t nobody home! Television’s unrelenting ratings war seems to be causing women to say and do things to perpetuate acceptance of ideals of beauty and behavior trumpeted by society that encourage women who don’t have half the looks of a LisaRaye, to contort their body language and conversation, and make them even less attractive than they really are. Could it be that LisaRaye intends to use her beauty to take women viewers down their own path to a wholesome self-discovery? We’ll stay tuned for that from the “runaway diva”.

Meanwhile, a friend and colleague Valencia Burch authored a book titled “Stop Ho-N: The Redemption of a Woman’s Worth“, which is a literary journey of redemption from one who is also “drop-dead gorgeous”. Burch sets out to re-define a woman’s worth as more than a man’s view of her, and what’s between her legs. In her book she writes, “Many women have minimized sex to a weapon or a tool, which she could use to control, confuse, or get a man. Why is your body one of the first things offered or requested?” She also states, “The messages carried in television, print ads, radio, and movies carry strong definitions of what our image, and lifestyle should resemble to be acceptable, successful, or attractive.”

Maybe someone could slip a copy of Burch’s book to LisaRaye (from one “diva” to another if you will) and her producers, to help bring some real meaningful dialog to the fore of the highly-rated reality show.

Larry Buford is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer. Author of “Things Are Gettin’ Outta Hand (Steuben Pub.) www.amazon.com. Visit the author at www.editorialbylarry.com (213) 220.8101.

Larry Buford