*While reaching for his gun to commit suicide, his hand stumbled on a Bible and he ended up grabbing it first – a decision that would give birth to an inspirational graphic novel adaptation of the gospels.

King of Kings: The Chronicles of Jesus is a four-part graphic novel based on the life of Jesus. The project began in 2007 and was completed in 2010 and since the beginning of its publication it has made an impact on the world, reaching at least 22 countries.

It landed the cover of Inspire magazine, England’s largest Christian publication, and is currently being used as a fundraiser for Kenton United Methodist Church in Delaware to help fund a mission trip to Tennessee to build lower income housing.

Of course, he never imagined he would be making graphic novels when everything in his life had reached the nadir of despair. After a bad divorce in 2005 he fell into a life of drug and alcohol abuse, leaving him with practically nothing overnight.

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