*It’s been a long hard road to gain favor again for both Chris Brown and Michael Vick.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Vick, who happens to be a fellow Virginia native, told the paper that (his peer and singer) Brown needs to get focused.

“Just put your faith in God,” he said. “Don’t worry about what people say about you. Words will never hurt you. The things that people can say out of their mouth can cut you deep. And sometimes a tongue can be sharper than a knife.”

From Vick’s dog fighting past and Brown’s domestic abuse, the two really know what it means to be outcasts. But being the more mature one between the two, it is a nice gesture for Vick to present some good words of advice and encouragement to the 21-year-old who recently flipped out at ABC’s “Good Morning America” studio.

And about that, Vick said get it together.

“You should never allow that to push you over the edge,” Vick explained. “You should have more self-control. You control your own destiny. You’re still admired by so many people.”