*Um, depending on how you feel about this topic, the following story may be disturbing  … or downright hilarious.

Long Beach, Cali hip hop hop artist Warren G has decided to enter into the business of penis enhancements. Yes that’s right. He is the new spokesman for AffirmXL enlargement pills.

So far, five commercials have been released of the West Coast rapper acting as an “advisor” to a man contemplating using the pills.

In one of the commercials, A man is laying on the bed with a woman who says she’s “ready.” So he heads to the bathroom where he finds Warren sitting on the toilet reading a newspaper.

“What are you doing here?” the man says. “What does it look like I’m doing here?! You need to take your AffirmXL,” Warren tells dude.

Long story short, he advises the stimulated man to take AffirmXL and hand him a package of pills.

By the fourth commercial, the man has finally decided to actually take the pill, only to find Warren G has beaten him to the punch. The rapper is laying in his bedroom surrounded by scantily clad women, as he informs the man that it’s too late.

“I tried to tell you to take your AffrimXL but you didn’t want to listen. As you can see, I take my AffirmXL and now I’m going to regulate.”

Oh yes, a classic already. Not! Anyway, once you’re over the shock of Warren G doing this kind of commercial, we think you’ll enjoy the over the top approach of the spots.

Check it out the spot below: