*With a mouth like her’s, NeNe Leakes needs to have her own talk show, and apparently she thinks so too. Reports are saying the “Celebrity Apprentice” drama queen is about ready to take Oprah’s spot after the Queen of Talk leaves her daytime spot.

“She was encouraged when she did some slots with local television stations in Atlanta and she thinks that she has what it takes to be the next Oprah or Wendy Williams,” a source said. “Ironically, NeNe does not really like Wendy Williams but she respects what she has done and she believes that she can be even more successful than she has been.”

Right now NeNe is involved with so much and is certainly making a reputation on reality television. If things continue to go her way, she just might make it to the spot she’s heavily eyeing.

“’Celebrity Apprentice’ has given her more confidence but she sees moving to Miami as key to her success and now that her marriage is all but over she is ready to commit but she wants the right project to be in place,” the source adds. “NeNe really wants to brand herself with her own clothing, make-up and hair products lines, and she is confident she can pull it off. And with Oprah’s show coming off the air soon she believes the time is right for a new black female talk show host too.”