*Pharrell Williams has designed a bag to help raise awareness for World Earth Day, but you’ll need an empty Kiehl’s bottle to snag one.

The rapper/producer has teamed up with the store Kiehl’s to create a Limited Edition Eco-Tote, which is made using Bionic Yarn technology, in which fabrics are created from recycling plastic bottles.

Pharrell (with partners Tyson Toussant and Tim Coombs) owns a New York City-based company named Returns Textiles, which manufactures eco-friendly materials and is the creator of Bionic Yarn technology.

“When I became a partner in Return Textiles, it was my goal to use the fabric technology to partner with other like-minded companies to find ways to do good for our planet,” says Pharrell, who incorporated bottle artwork into his design for the tote bag. “Kiehl’s has a long history of taking both small and big measures to reduce waste, and inspiring other to do so.”

Only customers who participate in the Kiehl’s “Recycle and Be Rewarded” initiative – recycling their empty product bottles, jars, and tubes at their local Kiehl’s stores from April to June – will be eligible to receive the complimentary bag.