Milad Faraway, a.k.a. Dark Man, 20, left, and Mohammed Madani, a.k.a. Madani Lion, 22, center, of the Music Masters rap group

*Libyan rebels are going back to the glory days of rap music, pre-hip hop, when it was used as a form of revolutionary poetry against THE MAN.

When rap music exploded on the scene some of it was fun, but a lot of it was telling the stories of the ghetto life that mainstream America was not ready to hear.  Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s “The Message” is the archetype for rap music.  Libya’s fighters have channeled rap music into their fight and remembers the formula for pissing off the government.

According to the Associated Press, Milad Faraway, 20, and neighbor Mohammed Madani, 22, started Music Masters a few months ago in 2010.  Their nicknames or rap aliases are (more…)