*Everyone knows how long the Grammys can get each year. So in an effort to cut the show short, the organizers announced Wednesday that next year’s ceremony will be short 31 categories.

In the past, 109 awards were given out, but now artists in only 78 categories will be acknowledged. That’s still quite a few, but a relief in time. However, some folks just might be sadly affected.

The R&B world took one of the largest hits with the number of awards reduced from eight to four. The three coveted R&B vocal performance awards for males, females, and groups have been merged into an all inclusive R&B Performance Award.

The decision to cut so heavily in the R&B category came due to the reduced number of submissions.

But the rap category will be spared in the cut, for the most part.

The reconstruction of the Grammys also includes this major change – categories will be removed for the awards year that receive less than 25 submissions during the eligibility process. In past years the minimum was only 10. If the categories fail to meet the minimum requirement for three consecutive years, it will be permanently dropped from the awards ceremony.