*Los Angeles, CA — TV personality and actress Rolonda Watts makes her first starring role as lead actress in an independent film entitled A Mother’s Love.

The feature length film is being released on DVD by BCB Records and Productions, an independent film and stage play production company owned and operated by Bradley Alexander and Carolyn Alexander.

A Mother’s Love also stars NAACP image award winner, supporting actress, Vanessa Williams, from the Showtime hit series “Soul Food” and actor and comedian, Buddy Lewis, from David Talbert’s hit gospel stage plays “Love on Layaway” and “Fabric of a Man.”

The film was written by emerging African-American screenwriter, Carolyn Alexander. Concerning her, Watts comments:

“She has created a great masterpiece and a special ‘Mapquest’ to that special place we all know called ‘Home’. Even those who merely dream of such, get to experience all through her courageous writing and her compelling story. I am very proud of her.”

A Mother’s Love has also received rave reviews and a 5 star rating from the Dove Foundation, who released the following statement: “This is a remarkable and inspiring film! It has all the key elements: good acting, fantastic direction, and a good story to boot. We at Dove can’t recommend this one enough. We are most pleased to award this film five Doves, our highest rating.”

The faith-based film chronicles the lives and relationship of three generations of African-American women as they battle to mend the broken relationships torn apart by short-sightedness, greed, and drug abuse.

Regina Reynolds’ (Rolonda Watts) life is turned upside down when her daughter Monica (Selina Duplessis) becomes addicted to drugs and Regina is soon faced with loosing everything, because she herself has made some very bad decisions. What will it take to get Regina Reynolds back on track? … nothing short of “A Mother’s Love.”

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Carolyn Alexander
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