*They say college sports are all about getting by, and Kemba Walker, the University of Connecticut’s guard, is the epitome of that.

Most of us needed to have read a least a book or two in our grade school years, but for some reason, this student athlete got away without reading a single page. The basketball player actually read his first book at the age of 20.

He revealed in a recent Sports Illustrated article that it wasn’t until he realized he has a chance to go to the NBA that he needed to crack open a book. He asked his academic advisor how he could earn his sociology degree early in order to enter the draft.

So the recommendation was to double up on classes and read, William C. Rhodden’s “Forty-Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall and Redemption of a Black Athlete,” as part of an independent study program.

“That’s true,” Walker tells Sports Illustrated. “You can write that. It is the first book I’ve ever read.”

Now the athlete is on the right track to completing his academic program early.