*Maybe Snoop Dogg should just drop his new sponsorship death with Colt 45. The Long Beach native is under fire again for the endorsement.

The  attorney generals in 17 states are asking that parent company Pabst Brewing Company reduce the alcohol content of the drink, which they claim promotes misuse by underage drinkers, and binge drinking, due to its colorful packaging and endorsement by Snoop

“Alcohol abuse among young people is a serious and alarming epidemic,” explained Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. “A product like this only serves to glamorize alcohol abuse and promote binge drinking, threatening the safety of those consuming it.”

The drink has been controversial for some time and been compared to caffeine and malt liquor drink Four Loko.

Blast, the drink in question, contains 12 percent alcohol and is sold in a 23.5 ounce can with labels that kind of look like candy wrappers.