*News Flash! Breaking News!

“Some Rap artists need suburban White kids to buy their music or they will eventually go broke.”  Sad headline … but oh so true.

In the past 15 years, if it were not for uninformed and impressionable White kids from the suburbs, some of the most popular Rap artists in the game today would be applying for unemployment benefits and government assistance.

The Rap music industry has given rise to a number of artists who make a beautiful living speaking about their so-called “gang-connections” and their ability to move large quantities of narcotics across the country and overseas. They also speak of being “Bosses” who are capable of having you “hit” if you cross them by just picking up a phone and making that request. ( News Flash !  It’s sad to say… but anyone who has about 500 bucks these days can have a person rubbed out. That’s how desperate people have become. That’s not having “Boss Status” )

If you listen to the radio these days to any Rap music station, I promise you not one hour will go by where you don’t hear some artist say he is a “Boss”, “Pimp” or “Gang-Banging Shot Caller”. It is absolutely ridiculous.

Now let me ask you a question. “Who do you think really believes this garbage ?” I’ll tell you… Suburban White kids and the mentally impaired ! Trust me, they have them on “lock”. These White kids will fall for anything. They actually believe this horse crap and they fire up their computers to download the latest musical adventure of “AL CAPONE-SCARFACE-JOHN GOTTI-JOHNSON” to blast out of their car windows and annoy anyone who happens to be within 20 miles of their stereo system.

Personally, I would love to see one of these so-called “Shot Caller/Bosses” come to the neighborhood where I grew up ( 79th St. on the South Side of Chicago ) and talk that BS to the gang bangers running the streets there. It would take a NANO-SECOND to get a bullet in their behinds talking that foolishness. Or I would love to have a front row seat to witness them under questioning in a DEA office facing a life sentence for dealing drugs. They would be singing so loud and long that the label they were signed to would have a “Double CD” that was mixed, mastered, packaged and ready for distribution within 24 hours !

When I was President/Owner of my own Rap label in Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to witness first hand a number of people who claimed to be “GANGSTA RAPPERS”. They would sit down with me and say “Stan, I’m from such and such hood am I am THE MAN there and me and my manager call the shots on the streets. NOBODY ELSE. Well, once I heard THAT statement, I knew that particular artist was living in FANTASY LAND and I was looking to end the meeting as soon as possible. You see, the facts are, I do not know one major neighborhood that is controlled by “one shot caller anymore”. There is not one Blood or Crip who has control of EVERYBODY in a large neighborhood. They can have the “respect” of the shot callers in different neighborhoods but that’s as far as it goes these days.

So, if this article applies to you Mr. So-Called Boss, ( who has a manager to guide your career in music LOL ! ) when you are recording your next verse on your new single, why don’t you throw in a couple of lyrics to thank the suburban White kids and the mentally impaired record buyers who seem to be financing your make believe life style. Its only right to give a little “respect” to the people who “ride with you” and look up to you on a daily basis. You can take a few moments away from the “WE TIP HOTLINE” to thank your true fans. CASE CLOSED.

On the creative tip, please be on the lookout in a couple of weeks for a fantastic new single by the artist “JERRY LONG” aka “KOKANE” called “OUT OF MY MIND”. For those of you who don’t know, this artist is “THE MOST FEATURED ARTIST IN RAP MUSIC” during the last 15 years. He has been featured on hit singles/albums from 50 CENT, BUSTA RHYMES, SNOOP DOGG, E-40, TOO SHORT, GEORGE CLINTON, GEORGE DUKE, STANLEY CLARK and numerous other Platinum recording artists. His new album, scheduled to be released this summer is called “IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD” and it will be distributed through his own label called “BUD E BOY ENTERTAINMENT”. JERRY LONG is also preparing to shoot the video to another release off the project entitled “WHO IS U ?” that will feature a re-mix version with the Grammy Award winning artist “CEE-LO GREEN” and “GIPP GOODIE” of  “THE GOODIE MOBB”. The video will be filmed in Los Angeles in late April. This album will have a little bit of something for everybody. The cuts I have heard have a pure “R&B” vibe to them and they have some elements that will take you back musically speaking to the late 80’s and 90’s. I am just “LOVIN THIS PROJECT BIG TIME”. Wait till you hear this !

The project will be promoted/marketed nationally by TONESTRUCK ENT. headed by MR. LEE FORD JR. This is the same company that is currently promoting the extremely popular song entitled “CAN’T KEEP RUNNIN AWAY” by the Rap artist “QUE” from Milwaukee that has been heavily promoted by B.E.T. TELEVISION. This song deals with the subject of “BULLYING” and can be viewed on YOU TUBE and purchased on iTUNES. People are “LOVING THIS SONG & IT’S MESSAGE”

Also, if you’re still sleeping on R&B vocalist “LENA J” then you need to “WAKE UP”. This woman is “BADDDDD”. Her music is a mixture of OLD SCHOOL MEETS NEW SCHOOL and it definitely works. The project called “PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE” can be purchased on iTUNES and it will be a welcome addition to your musical collection.

On the Rap Music side of things, be on the lookout for a hot new artist out of South Central Los Angeles called “G-SINATRA”. The debut album is entitled “THE GATHERING” and it will feature production by the Multi-Platinum Producer “DJ BATTLECAT”. Just about every major Rap artist on the West Coast is in the studio recording new songs with him. Also, the Grammy nominated Sax Player “MR. GERALD ALBRIGHT” heard a song by this new artist called “ANOTHER QUESTION” that blew him away and he is now featured on this new recording !   Do I really need to say anything more about the potential of this project ?  It’s being released in June 2011 on “LETS GET PAID ENTERTAINMENT”

Until next time … Stay safe, Stay focused and Stay with GOD!

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