*Swizz Beatz has revealed that Kanye West and U2’s Bono will appear on a track on his upcoming second album “Haute Living,” due later this year.

Speaking about the track to Paper Mag, the producer explained: “We got this song – it’s me, Bono and Kanye on this one song called ‘Skyscrapers’. I recorded with Kanye in the studio and then I recorded with Bono in this actual studio right here.”

Other collaborations on the album are to include Lenny Kravitz, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and Mary J. Blige.

Beatz has insisted that it won’t play like a “compilation” as “it’s a nice mixture of creativity”.

Beatz’s wife Alicia Keys celebrated the arrival of their baby boy late last year. His ex-wife Mashonda is part of VH1’s new reality series “Love and Hip Hop.”