*If you kiss a frog, you will get warts. Online dating site Match.com recently came under fire after a Los Angeles executive filed a lawsuit alleging that she was sexually assaulted by another Match.com member. Does Match.com have to guarantee that you will meet Prince Charming?

A woman alleges that after a second date with Alan Wurtzel, a man she met on Match.com, Wurtzel followed her into her residence, and sexually assaulted her. The defense claims the incident was consensual. According to the lawsuit, Wurtzel has a criminal history of sexual battery. It is extremely unfortunate what this victim may have experienced in 2010.

This week, Match.com announced plans to check existing and new users against a national sex offender registry. On the one hand, users of Match.com may feel a little more secure knowing that they may not be dating a sex offender. But what happens if your Match.com date has been convicted of crimes including, but not limited to: murder, domestic battery, theft, etc.? These offenses may not appear in a sexual offender registry. Additionally, if the offense is domestic battery, the defendant may have prevented the victim from testifying due to threats, and those cases may have been dismissed. What about users with sexually transmitted diseases? Can Match.com guarantee that its users will not transmit any sexually transmitted diseases?

According to Match.com’s terms of use:

“You are solely responsible for your interactions with other members. You understand that Match.com does not screen its members, nor does Match.com inquire into the backgrounds of its members or attempt to verify the statements of its members…”

Recently, Match.com published an online dating safety list. Be careful.

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